Marketing planning
What we can offer to you and your clients

What we can do for you:

  • assessment of photo shoot and video production
  • organization of pre-production process
  • organization of castings and models
  • we’re looking for suitable place
  • we’re making photo shoots and videos in the studio or in different places or, outdoors
  • we’re employing photographers, video operators and assistants for productions
  • we’re making post-production of images and footages.
What we can offer to you and your clients

At the desks...

  • 120m² of modern, glazed space that can give some comfort to arrange a photo shoot set up
  • air-conditioning in the workstation space
  • studio and underground garage is set in Dębica
  • a very good approach road; studio is very close to A4 highway on Tarnów-Rzeszów way; 40km from Rzeszów-Jasionka airport

Behind the lens...

  • 205m² of space that includes studio part and arrangement part for photo shoots (stage design, furniture), furniture styling, photo shoot accessories,
  • cyclorama 5×4 m
  • fully equipped studio: lighting, light modification devices and accessories
Stock images Where can you find us?

We offer ready-to-use images perfect for graphic projects. We license our photos in stock agencies. Each photo can be sold for timing exclusivity or in perpetuity. Here you can find our portfolio with over 30 000 promotional materials (photos and movies):