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W Who are we looking for? Step I
  • people with a beautiful and sincere smile;
  • cute kids and babies;
  • families: parents with children, grandparents;
  • real couples;
  • seniors, couples or singles;
  • dancers, actors, sportspeople, animals/pets owners.
M Money Step II

Pay for each model depends on his/her experience and type of pay. It is discussed with every person individually.

We sign a specific-task contract with every model so we need some personal details for it. We also refund travel costs or eventual overnight stay accomodation if necessary (usually during two-days sessions).

Typical session takes about 8 hours, depending on the theme. We do not provide any cathering

C Contract Step III

What is a Model Release that we sign after every session?

It is a contract between a photographer and a model in which the model agrees on use his/her image for commercial photos (stock photos) which are later used by the clients from all over the world

B Before the session Step IV

After discussing all of cooperation and session details (time, place and pay) the session producer will contact you to give the information about photoshoot scheme, clothes and accessories.

We’d like you to be on time, without any make-up on, with fresh hair and aesthetic nails (short cut and neutrally painted).


If you are interested in, please send us your application on address:
include short information about yourself, contact details and few photos of your silhuette and your face (with subtle make up or without it ).
Do not forget about your sincere, toothy smile!

References What people say about us
// The cooperation with Gpoint Studio was at the highest level from the beginning.
The girls I worked with for the first time were very professional and made a very good impression. When I see the results of photoshoots I have always smile on my face. With every new session at Gpoint Studio I am more and more satisfied because work with girls is not just a work but lots of talks and laughs.
// I really have a high opinion of you.
That is why I always recommend you to others. As far as I know, many of my friends took part in photo sessions with you. Best regards and I wish you all the best.
// Professionalism in every detail.
From session planning to saying goodbye. Reliability, hard-working and friendly atmosphere. I go to it every time and I really appreciate it because I can feel that I met on my way people with real big passion. The girls are masters of what they do. Best regards for the whole team, I wish you further successes and creative work. Forever yours!
// Gpoint Studio can be recognised for the highest level of service, devotion to every project and pure professionalism.
Collaboration goes always in comfy and friendly atmosphere which I appreciate the most. Everything is planned with the smallest detail. I really recommend Gpoint Studio!
// I had this pleasure to collaborate with Gpoint Studio many times and definitely these photo shoots were my best ones.
With great joy I can show the results to my friends and admit that the atmosphere was amazing. Sometimes I had to remind myself that I'm at work! I really recommend you Gpoint Studio!
// With such a great pleasure I can confirm the professionalism of GpointStudio.
This company carries out commercial photos that can be seen all over the world. Workers, as well as the boss, show high competence level, take care of deadlines and every detail of photo shoots. I'm very pleased with our collaboration and the final results that have been discussed before the photo shoot. GpointStudio takes care of legalities as well. I'm so happy that GpointStudio found me 'right on the street' and gave me the opportunity to forget about gray reality even just for a moment!
Marek Lichota CEO of Association “Apetyt na Życie”
// We'd like to express our gratefulness and appreciation for devotion and professionalism that could be felt while the collaboration of our organisation with Gpoint Studio.
Normally, in our association 'Apetyt na życie', we support, integrate, inspire and educate children and adults who are under the authority of nutritional and dietary products. Huge enthusiasm, creativity and unconventional approach of Gpoint Studio to the matter made it possible to create extraordinary photos. They show daily life of people who are being treated nutritionally. Collected photos enhanced the image of our association and the message that we send to people out of our association. We can also get across to our beneficiaries and to imagination of potential donors who support our projects. We really recommend Gpoint Studio, because our collaboration only initiated our willingness for further work.
// Gpoint Studio is a fantastic photo studio.
Great photographers and great team. There is always a friendly atmosphere. I am very satisfied with the photo sessions I took part in.