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Who we are Introduction
Anna, // the boss of all bosses

The brain and mother of Gpoint team.
The haven of peace. She never shouts, but her hand is heavier than a hand of any man at the gym.
She is ready to make any session - but not on Mondays! If you take food away from her, you will be dead for sure.
She brings her lovely pet Rico to the office who is running among the desks and keeps his eye on everybody.

Marcelina, // a session producer

A definitive woman who has no time for unnecessary discussion. Before the session every detail must be teed up. A watchful eye of the team. She can find even the smallest imperfection in the perfect photo. "I have no problem" is her personal motto. She's not the most talkative person but everything she says is remembered as the best joke ever. She's the master of counting calories in each meal. Marcelina loves children. But only from the distance

Angelika, // The Manager

She’s a bossy and independent woman. What she mainly does is organization. Organization of time, work, money, what to wear and what to eat. All of details are kept in her magical notebook. She'd love to open a company’s branch in Miami but the budget is the only thing that limits her.
She always stays positive and smiling - except Mondays. A golden woman who takes care of everybody. You'd better get out of her way when she’s hungry. Gym is her second home, the first one is being built.

Konrad, // a photo retoucher

A man of many interests. Always ready to help. Man of humble heart. So called "the Photoshop Master". Most productive while wearing a pair of earphones and listening to good music. A handyman of special tasks. A two faced person-lazy and hard-working at the same time. His bed generates some supernatural gravitational powers for sure! After work he has a career in being a DJ. A gourmet of pizza but always on a diet.

Basia, // a keyworder

A fresh person in the team. Reportedly she left London to work in Gpoint Studio. A professional of english language. She can describe every picture: who, where, why and with whom. A walking Google Translator dressed in pink coat. Always with big smile from ear to ear. Watch out on roads! Basia has just started her adventure with a car.

Ariel, // a photo retoucher

He’s a hundred percent freak. A man who can bring good energy even on the most gloomy day. He puts his heart in each retouched photo. Type of a calm soul that is ready to help everybody. Never allows women to carry some heavy things. A great fan of large amount of sweets which he keeps in his drawer just for a rainy day. Always ready to share a packet of cookies. He has some plans to explore the world on his bike. A very proud husband and father.

Michael, // a photo retoucher

A dreamer and a thinker. A great fan of extreme bike stunts. A latecomer number one. Statistically he comes to work at 08:02. He retouches photos perfectly and does it very fast. Sometimes he ponders and thinks about some new bike trails. A person that never raises his voice. Eccentric man living in the self-created world. His specific lifestyle enforces a bit of exoticism. But who doesn't like it?

Rico, // a bodyguard

Nobody and nothing can pass unnoticed. He disturbs everybody and every time. Oh, we mean he helps everybody and anytime! He could eat everything and everybody that will get in the way of him. He is paid with yoghurt, meat and cheese.

Aneta, // a MUA

The master of make up. She makes people more beautiful than they really are. Sometimes she make them rather ugly but Aneta does it on purpose - for good photos. Stuck on moving in her new house. A mother of little Zuzia.