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Anna, // owner, photographer

The brain of the whole team. Don't let the first impression fool you, because it this tiny body hides a real business shark. She keeps both feet on the ground. Demanding but also patient and understanding. Good food is a cure to all evil. In private life - a passionate and adventorous traveller. The greatest Asian food fan ever. A doglover.

Marcela, // senior shooting producer

Woman with no time for pointless discussion. Everything must be buttoned to the last button. Impossible is nothing. If you wish to have a green elephant with pink dots and floating on Philippine Sea in your project – you got it!

Konrad, // video producer, editor, retoucher

Known as Johnatan or little Jacob. One person but many personalities - depending on the day and the mood. At work – a handman, edition and retouch master, sometimes even a wizard. In private life – a man of all sweetness and light. A pizza lover but still on a diet.

Kamil, // video producer, editor

A free spirit and a daydreamer. Sometimes coming to work makes him feel tired. His creativity and vision of the world amaze even the most logic brains. A culinary connoisseur, but only when all is cooked and served. A passionate sportsman, almost every day comes across the gym but only while passing it while visiting a nearby supermarket.

Angelika, // shooting producer

Bossy and independent woman. What she mainly does is the organization. Organization of time, work, money, what to wear and what to eat. All of details are kept in her magic notebook. She'd love to open a company’s branch in Miami but only budget is the limit. In private life a mother of three.

Edyta, // photographer, retoucher

Most polite person in the world. Always asmiling and ready to work. Follows her passion for a camera not only at work. Family photography is her biggest interest, which she fulfills in private life. She used to work in a bank but quitting it worked out for the best.

Rico, // a bodyguard

Nobody and nothing can pass unnoticed. He disturbs everybody and every time. Oh, we mean he helps everybody and anytime! He could eat everything and everybody that will get in the way of him. He is paid with yoghurt, meat and cheese.

Kasia, // shooting producer

Her desk as well as her desktop is a total mess. But only a real genius can control the chaos. A big smile always stucks on her face, even while organizing the hardest shooting. In private life – a pscyhology student and a mountain climbing passionate.